Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Forgot!

I just realized that I forgot to explain why I am going to Alabama. In a tiny town in the north of the state, the city commission has just voted to erect a new memorial to soldiers who died fighting for the Confederacy.

You can read about the city commission's decision here:
The decision to erect the monument has polarized the city down racial lines. But unlike Richmond and Atlanta, Moulton is mostly white (75%).

The monument is to be paid for by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), and will be erected on the courthouse lawn. As the commission faced criticism for what appeared an endorsement of the Confederate cause, the commission announced that it would also support a monument to Union soldiers, should any citizen support such an initiative. Sure enough, at another town meeting, a black woman approached the commission with the idea to construct a union monument. What I've surmised so far, though, was that this move was purely symbolic. To my knowledge, the Union project is yet unfunded.

Here's where I hope the blog comes in handy: does anyone have any suggestions for how to incorporate the Alabama part of this project with the Virginia and Georgia part? Moulton is majority white, whereas the other two cities are majority black. But I just can't part with Alabama because its so fascinating that they're constructing a monument right now. And the fact that they're erecting the monument now lends a currency to my project.


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