Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Sleepy Saturday

After a hot run, I decided to try and go to an area museum for a non-research purpose. I figured out the bus route to the Valentine-Richmond History Center, and set out to wait for the bus.
The VRHC was a disappointment. Although the museum has tons of stuff, I was a little disappointed with the place. The placards with explanatory text didn't match up to the items on exhibit. So for $7 (the student rate), I found this to be a bit of a ripoff.
There are photo archival collections at the VRHC that I'd like to get in to see. Unfortunately, the archive staff doesn't get back to requests for appointments very quickly and I'm leaving on Wednesday. I hope that on Tuesday I'll be able to get in.
On another note, I'm beginning to worry that now that my time here has come to a close, that I have not done enough. I feel pretty good on the archive material stuff. I'm just not sure that I've interviewed enough people. I've done six interviews so far. I have another on Monday, and I'm trying to get through to more people. In addition to not talking to tons of folks, I'm worried that the people I've talked to have been from a skewed sample. Most everyone I've talked to has been involved in "preservation" community (ie,people who have done some thinking about the public art in Richmond). Actually, I'm not even worried about that. It's just a fact. This project is not one of scientific precision. But it seems to me that most interviewing that occurs in the humanities and history is hardly from a broad cross-section of humanity.


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Daniel said...

$7 to enter a museum? Jeez, for that kind of cash, you could probably buy a museum here in Manta....

(I'd update you via email, but I can't get Gmail service from this computer right now....)


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