Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some More Photos

I thought my USB cable for my camera was lost. But I found it, so now I'm catching up on uploading photos. Sadly, when I tried to take pictures of the laser show at Stone Mountain, all I got was a black screen. And to think, I had waited so long for a poignant shot of Elvis gyrating on Robert E. Lee for naught.

At right is a shot of the Confederate flag waving behind the Roswell Mill Worker's monument at the re-dedication ceremony. This trip has probably desensitized me to the sight of the rebel banner. However, a few weeks back at Harvard will probably re-instill a heathy dislike (still, with a more robust understanding) of the flag.

Though larger, the carving at Stone Mountain, at right, is considerably less impressive than Mt. Rushmore. I like Tony Horwitz' description of the rock in Confederates in the Attic best:
"...the figures were shown in profile, in relatively shallow relief, as though a huge Confederate coin had left a fossil-like print in the mountain's face."

And, finally, tomorrow I go home to:

I found this marker at Stone Mountain. I think the idea was to give every state in the Confederacy their little slice of stone --a sort of a rebel/red state walk-of-fame. I'll never know the true intent of these markers, though, because after much searching, I only managed to find Florida and Louisiana. Anyway, While at home I plan to begin the writing part of this project in earnest. I'm a little bit daunted and hardly know where to begin. The process is actually doubly daunting because I'm applying to graduate school this year and want to use a chunk of the thesis as my writing sample. So expect bits and pieces of the paper to emerge on this blog. So I suppose after tomorrow the tenor of this blog will change. There won't be any more travelogue-type updates. There will probably be more postings with analysis and musings.


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