Thursday, October 19, 2006

Birthday Blog

Today is my birthday, but does that stop me from blogging? No, and neither does my extremely thriving social life.

Anyway, I'm just back from a thesis-writers workshop. So far, the thing has been pretty useless, but I'm optimistic that once people have produced drafts and chapters, the peer-review process will do its magic. In the mean time, we've been priming the pump by reading the writer's version of a self-help book: Joan Bolker's Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day.The most important message I took away from (selectively) reading this book was that inspiration does not usually come before behavior. That is, you might have to write a lot of drivel before a good idea bursts forth from the pages. This blog notwithstanding, this is not how I have usually approached writing in the past. The book also stressed the importance of writing drafts and revising work. This is something, frankly, that I'm terrible at. I have a very difficult time rearranging and revising things that I've written. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to approach a draft?


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